it's yet again friday and time for weekend!
what will you do during it?

and with it gone another week begins again...
They say "No news is good news" but is it really so?
Like how long has it been since last news here...? ;)

Has anyone got any news they wish to share with us? If so please tell us all...
And now again, Holidays! We all welcome this time of year, It is the time that should remind us of love and care, remind us that how far we are apart we are always close to each other :) This channel will outlive us all :) Love you all and have some happy Holidays and a exceptional good new year :)
Subops and ops. Small donation from the bottom of my heart :) This is a great channel so lets just keep it that way but... DONT be too agressive with new users. Show some patience please :) They might turn out to be just as nice or fun as you! Dont kick only for a simple greeting in other language than English, thats wery rude :) Inform about our rules. If that isnt respected then you can consider what way is best to deal with this :)
I have seen people kicked for a simple "salut" "hola" and other things that are not important. Show some patience ;) And users that have only bad jokes or offending attitude towards newcommers, them you should kick :) They are regulars and should know better :)
Lets make worldchat the best place to stay in :) Thankyou :p
The following things have been changed;

- Profile names of up to 15 characters allowed (used to be 9)
- Shoutbox is back
- Poll is back
There hasn't been any news on the front page for almost 3 months! Investigations are underway, but we believe it's due to terrorists.